Teachers: first ones in, last ones to leave.


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  1. thebluespade says:

    The empty desks strangely give me the hankering for a full filled cup of coffee.

    1. Ha! Believe me, I’m never without a full travel mug when I enter a classroom. I’m with you on that sentiment, for sure. Thanks a lot for stopping by for a look, and for leaving a comment.

  2. My husband is a teacher as well and could certainly identify with your statement. I love the different colours of the chairs in photo. Did you use some photo editing?

    1. I did, but just to lay a color filter over the image. The chairbacks are as you see them. Students actually complain a great deal about them. The seats are hard ceramic and uncomfortable to sit on for seventy-five minutes. And many students struggle to make use of the desktops as a writing surface. I felt the unaccommodating nature of the desks actually reinforced the idea that solitude makes one acutely aware of oneself…

      I have to thank you again for the tips about filtering the images. I’ve done that on each of my last three entries, and I believe it’s made each set of images much more evocative.

      1. The desks do look rather uncomfortable. I remember sitting in ones similar to those when I was at university. I guess it’s the uncomfortable feeling of higher learning. I am going to have to look at your other photos too, but I really liked this one.

  3. NooryaK says:

    Love the different point of view.
    Nice photo the colors are adding a nice feeling.

    1. Thanks, NooryaK. I think that this image has a similar vibe to your photo entry for the solitude challenge. Both are shots of enclosed spaces; both isolate the viewer in that space, and both find a certain color and attempt to bring it out in the scene. Did you use any filter in your shot of the window?

      1. NooryaK says:

        Yeah I didn’t thick that way.. But now that you say yes some things are similar. The colors are more prominent in your photo though 🙂
        No I didn’t use any filter.

  4. hannahkenway says:

    This has a lovely 1970’s vibe – the teacher would, I’m sure, be wearing a brown rayon, pinstriped suit and an orange tie….

    1. Would you believe I teach in that classroom? Well, not that exact one; but the one I do teach in, which I couldn’t get into to take this shot, looks very much the same, only with less-colorful chairbacks…

      The closest this teacher comes to a suit would be the shirt and tie. But I most definitely have that orange tie… 😉

      Thanks again for reading and commenting, Hannah.

  5. hermitiancat says:

    It’s funny because when I thought of solitude, I was mostly thinking of having one unique element in a field of sameness. I love that you were able to create a similar impression with only a uniform set of chairs. It’s almost like I feel the loneliness because my mind is searching for someone or something inside the picture. It’s very engaging.

    And as everyone else has said, the melancholy lighting and that 1970s-ish pastel color palette rock pretty hard too.

    1. Thank God for color filters. The original, unaltered image has a washed-out institutional feel to it that’s compelling in his own way. But the blasted, burnt tone of the filter seemed to accentuate the colors of the chairbacks in a way that… Well, you say it much better than I could. Thanks for stopping by. I’m gaining a lot of insight into this photography stuff following your work.

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