Since graduating from West Virginia University with an MFA in fiction in 2010, I’ve taught college writing at Kent State Tuscarawas.

My wife and I own a half-acre plot just north of Downtown New Phila, OH, where we each enjoy planting things and watching them grow. She gives a great deal of her time and energy to her students and athletes and still finds time to keep me company. When I’m not on the soccer field, at home with her, or in a classroom, I’m usually trying to stay lost as long as possible wherever my imagination has led me.

My writing appears or is forthcoming in Inwood Indiana’s Salem Cemetery issue and online at Prick of the Spindle, Souvenir Lit, FunnyinFiveHundred.com, and Apeiron Review. Check out my Publications page for links to many of these pieces; also feel free to read and share the writing you find here and over on my Medium profile.